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Non-prefixed Tags #1

trans opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I'd like to request a feature. I'd like to be able to use Radius tags without having to set a prefix. Eg.

  parser =, :tag_prefix => nil)
  puts parser.parse(%{A small example:\n<repeat times="3">* <hello />!\n</repeat>})

Is that feasible?


Probably not a good idea since the namespace would clash with html tags


I'm not opposed to this. See if you can get it worked out and send a pull request.


It would be interesting to add support for non-prefixed tags containing hyphens. That way they would not clash with the HTML namespace, and Radius could be used as a preprocessor for custom HTML tags of the type proposed in the upcoming Web Components spec.

I would definitely have a use for this. And coding it might be beyond my knowledge, but I'll have a go.

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