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A utility shell script to help build libraries for iPhone devices.
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`configure-iphone` is a utility shell script to help build libraries
for iPhone devices.


Assuming the autoconf build system, it runs `configure` with default
settings for building the library using a specific iPhone OS version's
gcc and frameworks, cross-compiling to ARM if necessary.

You must pass an iPhone OS version to use, such as "3.1.2" or "3.2".

It only runs `configure`, not `make` or `make install`, which you must
run yourself. If you use this script, `make install` will install the
software under "/usr/local/iphone", unless overridden with the "-d"

The software will be installed in a subdirectory named
"iPhone[type][version]", where "type" is either "Simulator" or "OS"
and version is the OS version. This directory will reflect the
standard layout, containing a "lib", "include", "bin", and other

When building your iPhone project, you should add the appropriate
folder for header and lib paths, such as
"/usr/local/iphone/iPhoneSimulator3.1.2/include" for headers.


Usage: configure-iphone <version> [-d <dir>] [-t <target-type>] -- [configure-args ...]

   `version` -- iPhone software version (3.1.2, 3.2, etc.)
   `dir` -- prefix for iphone software directory (default /usr/local/iphone)
   `host` -- target host, must be "simulator" or "os" (defaults to "simulator")
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