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;; this programs reads a string as input and prints it as output, like
;; a console. it infinitely loops doing this.
;; See it here:
(define-prim (putc c))
(define-prim (getline))
(define-prim (alloc_init))
(define-prim (memmove src des len))
(define-prim (malloc owner len))
(define-prim (free obj))
;; init
;; utility
(define (ptr-length ptr)
(SUB ptr 1)
(define (print-line str)
(do (c 0 (+ c 1) (< c (ptr-length str)))
(define s (+ str c))
(putc [s]))
;; newline
(putc 10))
;; console pump
(define (main)
(define foo (getline))
(print-line foo)
(free foo)
;; we really need a `while` primitive, or proper tail calls, until
;; then just force main to be called without recursion
(SET PC main))
;; hack: these need to be at the bottom so they aren't executed unless
;; called
(include "stdlib/mem/malloc.dasm")
(include "stdlib/mem/memmove.dasm")
(include "stdlib/text-io/text-io.dasm")
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