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;;;; events
;;; Implements the harnesses for pumping through events in the game
(declare (block)
(define *current-difficulty* #f)
(define *max-difficulty* 10)
(define *events* (make-vector 10 '()))
(define-macro (install-event difficulty func)
(if (or (< difficulty 0)
(> difficulty 9))
(error "define-event: invalid difficulty level ("
(let ((difficulty (inexact->exact difficulty)))
(vector-set! *events*
(cons (lambda ()
(vector-ref *events* ,difficulty))))))
(define (clear-events)
(set! *events* (make-vector 10 '())))
(define (get-events difficulty)
(vector-ref *events* difficulty))
(define (%events-in-range start end)
(let loop ((acc '())
(i start))
(if (< i end)
(loop (append (get-events i) acc)
(+ i 1))
(define (random-event-in-range start end)
(and-let* ((events (%events-in-range (max 0 start)
(min 9 end)))
(len (length events))
((> len 0))
(i (random-integer len)))
(list-ref events i)))
(define wait thread-sleep!)
;; managing difficulties
(define *difficulties* (make-vector 10 #f))
(define (%install-difficulties lst)
(if (not (null? lst))
(if (< (length lst) 5)
(error "install-difficulties: ill-formed arguments"))
(let ((diff (first lst))
(shift (second lst))
(span (third lst))
(min-delay (fourth lst))
(delay-window (fifth lst)))
(vector-set! *difficulties* diff (list shift span min-delay delay-window))
(%install-difficulties (drop lst 5))))))
(define (install-difficulties . args)
(%install-difficulties args))
(define (set-difficulty! difficulty)
(set! *current-difficulty* difficulty))
(define (current-difficulty)
(define (current-difficulty-shift)
(get-difficulty-shift (current-difficulty)))
(define (current-difficulty-span)
(get-difficulty-span (current-difficulty)))
(define (current-difficulty-min-delay)
(get-difficulty-min-delay (current-difficulty)))
(define (current-difficulty-delay-window)
(get-difficulty-delay-window (current-difficulty)))
(define (%get-difficulty difficulty)
(let ((x (vector-ref *difficulties* difficulty)))
(if x x
(error "%get-difficulty: not installed for difficulty"
(define (get-difficulty-shift difficulty)
(first (%get-difficulty difficulty)))
(define (get-difficulty-span difficulty)
(second (%get-difficulty difficulty)))
(define (get-difficulty-min-delay difficulty)
(third (%get-difficulty difficulty)))
(define (get-difficulty-delay-window difficulty)
(fourth (%get-difficulty difficulty)))
(define (apply-difficulty-shift?)
(and (>= (kill-count) (current-difficulty-shift))
(< (current-difficulty) *max-difficulty*)))
(define (check-difficulty)
(if (apply-difficulty-shift?)
(set-difficulty! (+ (current-difficulty) 1))
;; thread communication
(define *receiver-thread* #f)
(define (%send-message msg)
(thread-send *receiver-thread* msg))
(define-macro (define-message name)
`(define (,name . args)
(%send-message (cons ',name args))))
(define-message add-object)
(define-message next-event)
;; managing events
(define *thread-executioner* #f)
(define *thread-event-group* (make-thread-group 'events))
(define (wait-for-a-time)
(let ((d-min (current-difficulty-min-delay))
(d-window (current-difficulty-delay-window)))
(thread-sleep! (+ d-min (* (random-real) d-window)))))
(define (start-event-executioner)
(set! *thread-executioner*
(lambda ()
(let loop ()
(thread-start! *thread-executioner*))
(define (restart-event-executioner)
(define (stop-event-executioner)
(if *thread-executioner*
(thread-terminate! *thread-executioner*)
(set! *thread-executioner* #f)))
(thread-group-terminate! *thread-event-group*)
(let loop ()
(if (thread-receive 0 #f)
(define (start-event)
(lambda ()
(and-let* ((event (random-event-in-range
(- (current-difficulty)
(+ (current-difficulty) 1))))
'event *thread-event-group*)))
(define (run-events)
(if (not *receiver-thread*)
(set! *receiver-thread* (current-thread)))
(if (not *thread-executioner*)
(and-let* ((msg (thread-receive 0 #f)))
(case (car msg)
((add-object) (scene-list-add (cadr msg)))
(else (error "run-events: invalid message" (car msg))))))
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