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;;;; "init"
;;; Pulls together all of the modules for our system and provides a C
;;; interface for the outside world.
(include "lib/macros.scm")
(include "config.scm")
;; SLIME support
;; (expand-if SIMULATOR
;; (include "/Users/james/projects/scheme/gambit/swank-gambit/swank-gambit.scm"))
(expand-if SIMULATOR
(include "../emacs/remote-debugger/debuggee.scm")
(make-rdi-host "localhost:20000")
(lambda () (##repl-debug-main))))))
;; compile in all the ffis
(include "lib/resource.scm")
(include "ffi/ffi.scm")
(include "ffi/gl.scm")
(include "ffi/osx.scm")
(include "ffi/iphone.scm")
(include "ffi/image.scm")
(include "ffi/al.scm")
(include "ffi/ftgl.scm")
(include "ffi/view.scm")
(include "ffi/feint.scm")
;; provide entry points
(c-define (c-save-score) () void "save_score" ""
(c-define (c-on-scores-loaded arr) (NSArray*) void "on_scores_loaded" ""
(and arr
(lambda (score-obj)
(HighScore-name score-obj)
(HighScore-score score-obj)))
(NSArray->list arr)))))
(c-define (c-load-global-scores) () void "load_global_scores" ""
(if (eq? (current-screen) scores-screen)
(set! *have-scores?* #f)
(c-define (c-init) () void "init" ""
(c-define (c-render) () void "render" ""