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Changelog for versions previous to v0.1.9 are located at

Next version:

  • document SafeString and writing filters with them
  • document app.locals with express
  • source maps?
  • publish in bower
  • cleanup WebLoader.fetch

v1.0.2 (March 25, 2013)

  • Use chokidar for watching file changes. This should fix a lot of problems on OS X machines.
  • Always use / in paths when precompiling templates
  • Fix bug where async filters hang indefinitely inside if statements
  • Extensions now can override autoescaping with an autoescape property
  • Other various minor bugfixes

v1.0.1 (December 16, 2013)

This is mostly bugfix and code cleanup release. The only added things are:

  • New nunjucks.compile function which takes a string and returns a Template object
  • The urlize filter has been added

v1.0.0 (October 24, 2013)

We've hit 1.0! Thanks for helping nunjucks stabilize and become awesome. I've added many good features recently and several people have been using them, and everything seems stable. I think it's time to cut 1.0.

Big changes:

  • An asynchronous API is now available, and async filters, extensions, and loaders is supported. The async API is optional and if you don't do anything async (the default), nothing changes for you. You can read more about this here. (fixes #41)
  • Much simpler higher-level API for initiating/configuring nunjucks is available. Read more here.
  • An official grunt plugin is available for precompiling templates: grunt-nunjucks
  • The browser files have been renamed. nunjucks.js is now the full library with compiler, and nunjucks-slim.js is the small version that only works with precompiled templates

Smaller changes:

  • urlencode filter has been added
  • The express integration has been refactored and isn't a kludge anymore. Should avoid some bugs and be more future-proof;
  • The order in which variables are lookup up in the context and frame lookup has been reversed. It will now look in the frame first, and then the context. This means that if a for loop introduces a new var, like {% for name in names %}, and if you have name in the context as well, it will properly reference name from the for loop inside the loop. (fixes #122 and #119)

v0.1.10 (August 9, 2013)

This is a minor version update that includes several bugfixes.

  • fix hang when parsing an unclosed string that hits the end of file (fixes #85)
  • Adds IE8 support
  • super() calls are marked safe by default if using autoescaping
  • exposed a markSafe function in the runtime module for marking strings as safe inside filters
  • iterating over any "falsey" values will output nothing
  • make "this" be the context object in filters (fixes #109)

v0.1.9 (May 31, 2013)

  • autoescaping (docs)
  • support for custom tags (docs)
  • the API for the Environment object changed slightly (docs)
  • tests now use expect.js instead of should.js, can be run in the browser!
  • ternary conditional operator added (foo if bar else baz)
  • various optimizations, compilation is now 1.4x faster
  • fix too aggressive caching of templates from HTTP loader
  • truncate filter has been added
  • improve title filter
  • many improvements to error messages
  • add AMD support for precompiled templates
  • fix multiple levels of super (issue #61)
  • support passing a single file to nunjucks-precompile
  • fix usage of set in an if block
  • fixed passing a false-y value as the last argument to a macro
  • range, cycler, and joiner globals have been added
  • fix nested blocks
  • add bower.json so the client-side lib can be installed through bower