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(require (fs "fs")
(compiler "./compiler")
(reader "./reader")
(boot "./boot/compiler")
(util "util")
(js "./backends/js"))
(if (< process.argv.length 3)
(throw "must pass a filename"))
(let ((filename (vector-ref process.argv 2)))
(let ((src (fs.readFileSync (str "tests/" filename)
(gen (js))
;; if we're testing syntax, use the last version of the stable
;; compiler to compile the source code. the code will import the
;; current compiler and using `read` will compare the results
(comp (if (= filename "syntax.ol")
;; just kidding, always use the current compiler
(comp compiler))
;; if dumping to an external file, need to write the runtime
(gen.write-runtime "js")
(comp.set-macro-generator gen)
(let ((s ( src))
(f (comp.expand s)))
(comp.compile f gen)
;;(println (gen.get-code))
((%raw "eval") (gen.get-code)))))