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ifeq ($(BOOT),1)
NODE_MAKE = node make.js _boot
NODE_MAKE = node make.js
all: compiler
reader.js: reader.ol
$(NODE_MAKE) _current_runtime reader.ol > reader2.js && mv reader2.js reader.js
ast.js: ast.ol
$(NODE_MAKE) _current_runtime ast.ol > ast2.js && mv ast2.js ast.js
compiler.js: compiler.ol
$(NODE_MAKE) _current_runtime compiler.ol > compiler2.js && mv compiler2.js compiler.js
backends/js.js: backends/js.ol
$(NODE_MAKE) _current_runtime backends/js.ol > backends/js2.js && mv backends/js2.js backends/js.js
test.js: test.ol
$(NODE_MAKE) _current_runtime _with_eval test.ol > test2.js && mv test2.js test.js
runtime.js: runtime.ol
$(NODE_MAKE) _no_runtime runtime.ol > runtime2.js && mv runtime2.js runtime.js
compiler: runtime.js compiler.js reader.js ast.js backends/js.js test.js
test: compiler
node test syntax.ol
node test core.ol
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