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πŸ•‰ Creating mandalas programmatically with NativeScript-Vue and a web app, with possibility to combine
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Mandala Me - Web, iOS, and Android apps to build and display mandalas


This app is presented in two versions - separate NativeScript-Vue apps in the mobile folder and a standalone web app in web, and then an app with shared code between web and native apps in the combined folder.

The combined app was built using the Vue CLI Plugin for code sharing with NativeScript and Vue.js. The web app is a standard web Vue app, and the mobile apps use Nativescript-Vue.

For more information about this plugin, please see its README.

To get this project up and running, ensure that you have the Vue-CLI 3 installed.

Running the project

You have several options to serve and build the project:

  1. npm run serve:web
  2. npm run serve:android
  3. npm run serve:ios
  4. npm run build:web
  5. npm run build:android
  6. npm run build:ios

Debugging your project

You will have the standard options for debugging available to you as you would with just tns. You can do the following to debug Native versions of your app.

  1. npm run debug:android
  2. npm run debug:ios

Note, this app uses Firebase; please use your own credentials to setup Firebase for your own project.

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