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Statoshi: Bitcoin Core + statistics logging

What is Statoshi?

Statoshi's objective is to protect Bitcoin by bringing transparency to the activity occurring on the node network. By making this data available, Bitcoin developers can learn more about node performance, gain operational insight about the network, and the community can be informed about attacks and aberrant behavior in a timely fashion.

There is a live Grafana dashboard at


Statoshi is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

Development Process

Statoshi's changeset to Bitcoin Core is applied in the master branch and is built and tested after each merge from upstream or from a pull request. However, it not guaranteed to be completely stable. We do not recommend using Statoshi as a Bitcoin wallet.

A guide for Statoshi developers is available here

Other Notes

A system metrics daemon is available here

Statoshi also supports running multiple nodes that emit metrics to a single graphite instance. In order to facilitate this, you can add a line to bitcoin.conf that will partition each metric by the name of the host: statshostname=yourNodeName