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fork n go

Fullscreen Map from Spreadsheet

This creates a website with a fullscreen map of points from a Google Spreadsheet with latitude and longitude columns.


Fork and Make Your Own!

  1. Fork this project (hit that button at the ⤴︎ top right).
  2. Create a new Google spreadsheet with at least these two columns:
  • lat
  • long
  1. Set your spreadsheet's share setting to "anyone with the link can view"
  2. Click File -> Publish to the web -> Start Publishing and copy the URL it gives you.
  3. Give your spreadsheet some data!
  4. Back in GitHub, on your fork's page (it should be, edit the index.html file by clicking the file name to view the file and then 'edit' to make changes. You must change:
  • The URL variable on line 29 to the key (or full URL) from your spreadsheet.
  • On line 32 replace ["placename", "photo-url"] with column headers from your spreadsheet that you'd like to use in your map marker's popup.
  • If you don't want a popup, delete lines 35 - 37, and change line 48 to Sheetsee.addMarkerLayer(geoJSON, map).
  1. If you want to change more things, go for it and checkout the comments in the file for suggetions.
  2. Commit your changes. At the bottom of the page your editing on, click the green commit button.
  3. View your page! Visit: to see your page, live!

What else?

Here are some other things you may want to do.

  • Change your repository's name. Because maybe 'mappy' isn't right for you. Click the Settings icon on your fork's GitHub page to change the name.
  • Add a custom domain. If you don't like the default naming scheme, you can use a custom domain that you own. Here are instructions on how.
  • Change map tiles! You can design your own with Mapbox here.


[Fork-n-Go] Fullscreen Map from Spreadsheet






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