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📶 Get your GitHub Issues to read offline later. Mmm.
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Get your GitHub Issues offline! In Markdown and HTML.

This is a command line application, using Node.js, that fetches the GitHub Issue/s you specify and writes them to files on your computer in both HTML and markdown formats. This way you can view them without an internet connection.

This will cap issues at the first 250.


To Use

  • Have Node.js installed on computer.
  • From your command line, install this module npm install -g offline-issues
  • Authorize it by running offline-issues and following the commands.
  • Use it to save Issues as .md and .html. Options in next section.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

For one issue:

$ offline-issues USER/REPO#0

For all issues:

$ offline-issues USER/REPO

For multiple repositories or issues:

$ offline-issues USER/REPO USER/REPO#0


$ offline-issues jlord/offline-issues muan/github-gmail#4

The files are written to whichever directory you are currently in. You will see a md and html folder added, each of with contains the issues you requested.


To just generate HTML files from existing offline cache:

$ offline-issues -h
$ offline-issues --html

To skip generating static files for HTML:

$ offline-issues -S USER/REPO
$ offline-issues --no-static USER/REPO

To filter by issue state:

$ offline-issues -s all USER/REPO
$ offline-issues --state all USER/REPO

This option accepts either open, closed or all. (Default: open) Note that the filter won't be applied when issue number is specified, like muan/github-gmail#4.

Build / Develop Locally

  • Clone this repository: git clone
  • Go inside this project: cd offline-issues
  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Link this local version to your global npm link (or sudo npm link)
  • If you have trouble with this or don't want to override the published version (this one) you can run it through the path to the main file: <path-to-clone>/src/cli.js OPTIONS
  • On Ubuntu, use nodejs <path-to-clone>/src/cli.js (or nodejs $(which offline-issues)) to start the CLI

Future times

Currently working at MVP level -- it gives you the issues you specify. But I want to add (or recieve Pull Requests!) to it:

  • More command line options like getting 'all' or 'closed' or 'open' or by 'author' or 'mention'.
  • Directory/Index of files you have.
  • Tests.
  • Spin up sever.
  • Sync up the issues you currently have at a later date.
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