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Get your GitHub Issues to read offline later. Mmm.
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Get your GitHub Issues offline! In Markdown and HTML.


But how?

  • Have Node.js installed on computer.
  • Install this module npm install -g offline-issues
  • Authorize it by running offline-issues and following the commands
  • Use it to save Issues as .md and .html!


For one issue:

$ offline-issues USER/REPO#0

For all issues:

$ offline-issues USER/REPO

For multiple repositories or issues:

$ offline-issues USER/REPO USER/REPO#0


$ offline-issues jlord/offline-issues muan/github-gmail#4

Whatever directory you are in, it will create a md and html folder with the resulting files.


Future times

Currently working at MVP level -- it gives you the issues you specify. But I want to add to it:

  • some css so the html isn't so painfully raw
  • more commandline options like getting 'all' or 'closed' or 'open' or by 'author' or 'mention'

Then maybe after that:

  • serve up these files locally with a nice directory page
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