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Command line module to build custom Sheetsee builds
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Standard - JavaScript Style Guide


A Node.js command line tool for creating a custom build of the sheetsee.js library with just the components you want.

If you want to just use the full version, you can grab it here at

All bundles comes with mapbox.js and mustache.js (since both are available on NPM). Additionally, you'll need to also include tabletop.js in your HTML head like so:

<script src=""></script>

To build your Sheetsee you'll need Node.js and npm (the latter comes with the former) on your computer.

Get Node/NPM

Download Node.js from For most users you can just download the Mac .pkg or Windows .msi. Follow the install instructions, both include NPM. Once they're installed, proceed:

To Use

Install sheetsee globally and then run it within the folder of your soon-to-be sheetsee.js project.

Install globally

npm install -g sheetsee

Run from within a project folder

# go into your project's directory
cd my-cool-project
# build sheetsee
sheetsee [options]


Here are the options for the different modules and an option for saving the file (as sheetsee.js).

  • -m or -maps for maps
  • -t or -tables for tables
  • --save to write out the file*

* otherwise, defaults to standardout on your console which you can | pbcopy

So for instance, sheetsee -m -t --save will build you a Sheetsee.js with the basic data functions that are included by default, the map and table sections and save it as a file named sheetsee.js. Running sheetsee -m -t | pbcopy will save the same output to your clipboard.

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