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@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ What can you make with **Sheetsee.js**? Lots of things, here are some examples:
Foxyroxy1 Dec 8, 2016
Module Contains Docs
sheetsee-core Included in any build. Gets you started and has the working-with-your-data functions. Doc
sheetsee-tables Contains everything you'll need to create a table including sortable columns, pagination and search. Doc
sheetsee-maps For making maps with your point, line or polygon spreadsheet data. Built on Mapbox.js. Doc
sheetsee-charts Includes 3 basic d3 charts: bar, line and pie. You can also use your own. Doc

In the Wild

- [Hack-Spots](
- [Combine with IFTTT](
+- [Real Python Support Desk](
rjk40 Dec 27, 2016

Combined with real script great idea

**List your sheetsee project here: file an [issue or pull request](**

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