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# $Id$
# defines custom WML tags
# <heading> -- use this to make some title-ish text stand out
<define-tag heading endtag=required whitespace=delete>
<div class="line"><hr /></div>
# <screen> makes text look like it came from a computer screen
<define-tag screen endtag=required>\
<code class="codeblock">%body</code>
# <lastmod> prints the time a file was last modified
<define-tag lastmod>
<set-var attrs=<get-file-properties %0 /> />
<date time="<get-var attrs[3] />" format="%a %d %b %I:%M:%S %p %Z %Y" />
# <pod> checks a file out of CVS and returns the HTML version of the POD
<define-tag pod whitespace=delete>
<preserve cvsroot />
<preserve file />
<set-var %attributes />
<if <get-var cvsroot /> "" <set-var cvsroot=/export/family/cvs /> />
<include command="$(ROOT)/../ <get-var cvsroot /> <get-var file />" />
<restore file />
<restore cvsroot />