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%% This file is my default inclusion of packages I need when writing
%% things in LaTeX. The list here is pretty comprehensive, but sets up
%% the main stuff I use in all projects I start on.
%% This part sets up the font basics. I like mathpazo a lot. It sets
%% up Palatino as a clone with pazo math. It is much more beautiful
%% than many other fonts you can choose from. I also like some of the
%% mathdesign variants, in particular [utopia,osf]{mathdesign} with no
%% linespread. We could make it a setting here.
%% Also, add microtype. We can't really live without it.
\lstset{ %
language=Octave, % choose the language of the code
basicstyle=\footnotesize, % the size of the fonts that are used for the code
numbers=left, % where to put the line-numbers
numberstyle=\footnotesize, % the size of the fonts that are used for the line-numbers
stepnumber=1, % the step between two line-numbers. If it's 1 each line will be numbered
numbersep=5pt, % how far the line-numbers are from the code
%backgroundcolor=\color{white}, % choose the background color. You must add \usepackage{color}
showspaces=false, % show spaces adding particular underscores
showstringspaces=true, % underline spaces within strings
showtabs=true, % show tabs within strings adding particular underscores
frame=single, % adds a frame around the code
tabsize=2, % sets default tabsize to 2 spaces
captionpos=b, % sets the caption-position to bottom
breaklines=true, % sets automatic line breaking
breakatwhitespace=true, % sets if automatic breaks should only happen at whitespace
escapeinside={\%*}{*)} % if you want to add a comment within your code
%% AMS gives us the basic math-support
%% AMS Theorem support. We set up a good list of theorems and make
%% sure that they are numbered appropriately in the order of main
%% theorems. I hate when a document contains too many counters so this
%% keeps the number of live counters down to a minimum.
%% Hyperref should be last
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