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The TODO list

(This is a Markdown file)

The list of things that needs done. Feel free to take anything on the list if you want, but do coordinate so we don't do multiple work on the same thing. Feel free to add anything to the list as well. It partially acts like a bug tracker at the moment in addition to being a wish-list.

  • Change the sender Queue into having two queues, one for short messages and one for long messages.
  • hFlush on the sender queue in the sender process, intelligently. There is no reason to flush the queue before we are fairly sure we got all the small messages into it. It is dependent on the above part.
  • Optimize reading of blocks by moving it to the sender Process in The Peer Process
  • Don't connect twice to the same client id. Track the clients we connected to.
  • Handle error cases when checking a torrent file.
  • Do not connect to ourselves :)
  • Write an installation and compilation guide.
  • Write a small introduction to git bisect we can point people towards.
  • (thomaschrstnsn) Implement a creator for torrent files
  • If we get a wrong URI, the code currently deadlocks since the tracker dies. Handle this problem gracefully.
  • When we grab pieces from the Piece Manager, let it provide us with a pruned set of pieces we can ask with later. This way, we only need to consider pieces we already have once and we get a faster system.

    When doing this, only prune pieces which are done and checked.

  • Send keepalives every two minutes as per the spec.
  • For the histogram code, look at Data.PSQueue. Ralf Hinze has a paper on that at Hinze, R., A Simple Implementation Technique for Priority Search Queues, ICFP 2001, pp. 110-121.
  • Consider letting the supervisors support monitoring of processes. Use this to reimplement parts of the PeerMgr code.
  • Update the Seeder status in PeerMgrP.
  • Do not send HAVE messages if the Peer already has the Piece Number.
  • Improve on the command line parser. We will certainly need full-fledged CL parsing at some point.
  • When closing, gracefully tell the tracker about it.
  • Let Piece Sets be S.Set PieceNum rather than [PieceNum]. They are larger than 1000 for some large torrents, so it makes sense to shift to a better representation.
  • The status reporting code needs some help. It only transfers up/down rates once every 30 seconds. If a peer is living for less than 30 seconds, then no upload/download will be reported for that peer. The fix is to contact the StatusP when a peer closes if it has something to transfer.
  • Make sure we actually seed when the torrent finishes. Rather hard to check with the current construction in the PeerMgr. The PeerMgr needs more work before this is possible.

Items for later (no particular order)

  • Improve parallel execution. We are currently extremely synchronous.
  • Reduce CPU load and memory load.
  • Add support for multiple torrents at once
  • Add prioritization support of multiTorrents
  • Implement a scraper on trackers
  • Implement extensions from which makes sense. See the README file.
  • Support the FAST extension
  • Add rate limitation support, locally or globally
  • Add support for DHT
  • Support UDP tracking extension
  • Support partial downloads (select files you want in the torrent)
  • Write an ETA estimator
  • Write the Users Guide.
  • Design, build and improve a graphic UI.
  • Design, build and improve a protocol for communicating with the client.
  • Azureus/Vuze has a keepalive flood detector built-in. Consider if this is relevant for this client.
  • Process monitoring in general. Think.
  • We need to accept incoming connections. The system only connects outward at the moment
  • Write a fuzzing framework for bittorrent.

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