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@@ -31,32 +31,21 @@ wish-list.
consider pieces we already have once and we get a faster system.
When doing this, only prune pieces which are done and checked.
- - The StatusP process is always fed static data. Feed it the correct data
- based on the current status: Are we a leecher or a seeder? And how much
- data is there left to download before we have the full file?
- (Hint: grep for canSeed and use the missingMap and pieceMap for the 'left'
- data)
- Send keepalives every two minutes as per the spec.
- - Make into a markdown document
- For the histogram code, look at
[Data.PSQueue]( Ralf
Hinze has a paper on that at [Hinze, R., A Simple Implementation
Technique for Priority Search Queues, ICFP 2001, pp. 110-121](
- Consider letting the supervisors support monitoring of processes. Use this to reimplement parts
of the PeerMgr code.
- Update the Seeder status in PeerMgrP.
- - When stopping a Peer, put back the Pieces to the Piece Manager.
- Do not send HAVE messages if the Peer already has the Piece Number.
- Improve on the command line parser. We will certainly need full-fledged
CL parsing at some point.
- When closing, gracefully tell the tracker about it.
- Let Piece Sets be S.Set PieceNum rather than [PieceNum]. They are
larger than 1000 for some large torrents, so it makes sense to shift to
a better representation.
- - Cleanup the code around ChokeMgrP.advancePeerChain. It currently does a
- lot of stuff it doesn't have to do.
- The status reporting code needs some help. It only transfers up/down
rates once every 30 seconds. If a peer is living for less than 30
seconds, then no upload/download will be reported for that peer. The

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