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Get rid of another TODO which has been done.

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@@ -57,17 +57,13 @@ wish-list.
Before releasing into the "wild"
- - The client needs to correctly tell the tracker how many bytes there
- are left and whether we seed or leech. Currently, the values are
- The client needs to handle multi-file torrents. It is not as hard as
it may sound — the only part of the system that needs to know about
files is the code handling the file system. All other parts can just
keep on transferring pieces.
- We currently take space proportional to torrent size due to our SHA1
calculation being slow and not use a file descriptor. Research into a
faster SHA1 library would be really beneficial.
- - Update the code such that information about Seeding is propagated
- better through the code. The current setup is rather bad.
Items for later (no particular order)

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