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Erlang Webstuff

This repository is built to contain a large amount of "Web Stuff" for Erlang. The "Web Stuff" is a set of RFCs and other "enterprisey" oriented protocols. The general rule for these are that they are time-consuming to implement from scratch and so provides a barrier to entry for Erlang programs in companies and projects.


WE RECOMMEND CARE when using the library in its current state. More work is needed.


  • Introduce and write down test cases

  • Document conventions used

  • Think about when and how to freeze a library

  • Introduce an (un-)parser for ISO8601 / RFC3339


  • uri.erl -- Manipulation of URIs (RFC3986)
  • iri.erl -- Manipulation of IRIs (RFC3987)
  • inet_time.erl -- "Internet time" manipulation (RFC3339)


The purpose here is to attempt an implementation. If it succeeds, it means that Erlang programmers will be able to stand on the shoulders of the code and reach up farther and faster.


One Erlang Mantra is "Provide Tools, not solutions". So rather than providing a full implementation with a pre-defined way to interface with it, we will try to provide a low-level set of operations which are mere work to implement yourself. If you need a way to do a specific encoding of, say, URIs you should be able to find that in this library along with the usual operations for manipulation.

In addition to providing the toolbox, we have a mantra that each library here should be dogfooded. We prefer a real-world practical application as an API test - because it tends to weed out bad design decisions easily.