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Commits on Sep 5, 2011
  1. Fix all dialyzer warnings.

  2. Dialyzer fixes.

  3. Eliminate a warning from the dialyzer.

    Rather than allow nick/1 to be used on #state{} records, limit its
    allowed input set to #conf{} records only.
  4. Fix wrong gproc calls.

    Gproc has a changed API, so we better make our code match the new API
    rather than try to play around with the old API instead. This fixes
    the problem.
Commits on Sep 4, 2011
  1. "Symmetrize" message sending.

    We introduce irc_connection:send(pid(), irc_cmd:t()) as a way to send
    irc commands in a symmetric way. Introduce an unparser for irc_cmd:t()
    for the job of turning irc command ADTs into #irc_cmd{} records. While
    here, limit the numbers of calls into the irc_cmd module as well to
    reflect we rather want to use the ADT over the calls.
Commits on Sep 2, 2011
  1. Use the new command parser to simplify the irc bot code.

    While here, we also fix the ping/pong issue by means of the parser.
  2. Begin providing a more sane interface we can use at a high level.

    The whole idea of #irc_cmd { ... } is good at a low level where we
    want to parse and unparse messages from the irc subsystem. But at a
    higher level, this is not the interface we want. Partially the problem
    is that we have irc.hrl leaking the abstraction all over the place and
    that we don't really want to handle all message types.
    The plan here is to remedy this. We add a parser and a
    format-operation which can change the underlying messages into a
    high-level algebraic data type. While here, provide functions for
    easily building #irc_cmd{} records. The hope is that we with time can
    shield ourselves from the underlying interface via irc_cmd.erl and
    thus we have the freedom to change the underlying representation at a
    later time.
  3. Add some test code.

Commits on Sep 1, 2011
  1. Fix bugs so we can actually connect to an IRC server.

    This fixes a number of problems which are there. The bot can connect
    to an IRC server now, but it is not clear how we can make the bot join
    channels and do stuff on those channels.
  2. @scshunt

    Undo changes to irc_parser.erl in master.

    scshunt authored
    They have been moved off to another branch.
  3. @scshunt

    Minor reformatting.

    scshunt authored
  4. @scshunt

    Merge remote branch 'jlouis/fixes'

    scshunt authored
  5. @scshunt

    More docs work

    scshunt authored
  6. @scshunt
Commits on Aug 31, 2011
  1. @scshunt


    scshunt authored
  2. @scshunt

    Update the copyright notice

    scshunt authored
  3. @scshunt

    Begin refactoring the parsing structure

    scshunt authored
    In particular, recognize the way that IRC handles arguments and
    accomodate those in a command-independent fashion.
  4. Don't track the dialyzer PLT.

  5. Clean up irc_s2c_fsm as well.

    Topic is not used as a variable. While I can't make the judgemental
    call if this is ok or not, I will go with Geoff's (archaelus') view
    that it probably was ok.
    Also comment out a function that is not currently used anywhere. We
    just want it to be obvious that the function is not currently in use
    in the source code.
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