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http://localhost:8888 - Normal old-style webui code here.
· Wrong supervisor kills, see GH/jlouis/etorrent_core#7
There is a problem when closing down which generates crashes. This is wrong:
2012-10-14 19:57:10.201 [error] <0.26576.0>
Supervisor etorrent_peer_sup had child receiver started with
etorrent_peer_recv:start_link(1, #Port<0.5987>) at <0.26579.0> exit with reason normal
in context child_terminated
The solution to this problem is to avoid having a supervisor called `etorrent_peer_sup` for it. We should
just use the peer_control process to manage the subtree.
· GH/jlouis/etorrent_core#8 Fix the problem when completing a torrent:
· Split off the DHT code after looking a bit at it.
It does not look like the DHT code should be part of etorrent directly. Rather,
I'd like it to be separate and then take it from there.
So, it turns out that we can probably move it out. You need to grab dht_state and
dht_net and pick them outside as well as their general supervisor. The dht_tracker
code is actually the etorrent-proper parts.
But it also means we must redefine the code such that configuration becomes injected
rather than asked for. This way, it should be possible to maintain a proper, separate,
application which maintains the state of the DHT tables for us inside the application.
· Test single-torrent download of something
This ought to work if we try it out. Let us try with an ubuntu image:
· Split webui into its own piece.
There is no need to have this in the main etorrent application, since it is a thing
which is UI.
· Consider how to split etorrent_core into multiple pieces.
· WebUI stuff
· Think about how to run a system like cascadae together with etorrent.
· Analysis:
Obviously, we should not need to have a dependency on cascadae in etorrent.
It is the other way around: cascadae should use etorrent as a dependency, specifically
it should be etorrent_core.
Also, etorrent should not have to be bound together with cascadae. It is the wrong
type of coupling we are looking into there. Instead, we would like to have a thin
modular layer of commands which can be used by cascadae to communicate
with etorrent_core and obtain information about it.
· Solution:
Make etorrent non-dependent on cascadae. We should be able to build a release
entirely without any mention of it. Otherwise we failed decoupling.
· Ranch support, see GH/jlouis/etorrent_core#5
· Use more canonical t() types.
· Kill renames of types where possible.
I don't like to have to dig for a type. I'd much rather know the exact type
at the beginning. Writing it down is not much more space and it is way more
readable if you have the full type right there. It is easier to read and it is easier
to understand what is going on then.
Aliasing and renames does not help readability. It lowers it. The sacrifice is that
it takes longer to write the code, but I don't care that much about that. Code is read
more than it is written anyway.
· Make new dialyzer code part of etorrent
· Make it possible to dialyze etorrent again.
The problem here is mimetypes which can not be dialyzed,
so we probably need to exclude it from the list of things we want
to consider when we are running dialyzer checks.
· Make etorrent_core non-dependent on cascadae.
This should not be the case.
· GH/jlouis/etorrent#136
· This makes the release construction fail
· GH/jlouis/etorrent_core#4
· Make the code compile again
This requires a step where the cascadae code gets updated.
We have prodded Mr. Uvarov about it.
· Fix the following error: GH/jlouis/etorrent_core#6
(etorrent@> 2012-10-14 18:04:22.347 [error] <0.1072.0>
CRASH REPORT Process <0.1072.0> with 0 neighbours exited with reason:
no case clause matching
in etorrent_fast_resume:init/1 line 107 in gen_server:init_it/6 line 328
· Test etorrent
· First step: Compile Erlang for Myrddraal
· Second step: Compile etorrent on Myrddraal so we have a working beast.
· Third step: Test etorrent on Myrddraal, make sure the correct hole is punched in the FW
There is a hole in the firewall.
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