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Bump NEWS with what v1.2 contains.

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+Version 1.2.0:
+This version sees a number of new highlights:
+ Highlights:
+ * (Magnus Klaar) A complete DHT implementation. This is outstanding
+ work. Note that it should be disabled if you use private
+ trackers. We don't heed the private-flag yet (BEP-27)
+ * (Magnus Klaar) A completely new disk IO layer which is more parallel
+ than the old one. Needless to say, it is much faster.
+ * Further work via rebars release handler now lets us build proper releases,
+ for production and/or development (See the file for
+ instructions).
+ * Support for BEP-15: Udp tracker protocol
+ * Support for BEP-12: Multitracker protocol
+ * Numerous improvement to the webUI.
+ * Etorrent now persists the amount of upload and download over sessions.
+ This fixes correct ratios even across stops/starts of etorrent.
+ * Use the riak_err error handler. This plugs a bug where death of many
+ processes would make SASL use too much memory.
+ Fixes:
+ * Remove mnesia from the code base. The new system is running entirely on
+ ETS.
+ * Performance improvements in hot parts of the code.
+ * Begin adding tests to the code, EUnit and Erlang QuickCheck mini.
+ * Add profiling via eprof as a tunable knob.
+ * Fix an outstanding bug in the choker code. Etorrent is now much better
+ at giving back.
+ * Fix a race condition on the gproc table.
+ * Improve supervisor tree shutdown
+ * Change the bcoding module to be less defensive and more erlang-like
+ * Change from uwiger/gproc to esl/gproc.
+ * Numerous fixes to robustness regarding slow disks.
Version 1.1.2:
Build system restructuring,
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