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@@ -5,7 +5,14 @@
http://localhost:8888 - Normal old-style webui code here.
+· Wrong supervisor kills, see GH/jlouis/etorrent_core#7
+ There is a problem when closing down which generates crashes. This is wrong:
+ 2012-10-14 19:57:10.201 [error] <0.26576.0>
+ Supervisor etorrent_peer_sup had child receiver started with
+ etorrent_peer_recv:start_link(1, #Port<0.5987>) at <0.26579.0> exit with reason normal
+ in context child_terminated
+ The solution to this problem is to avoid having a supervisor called `etorrent_peer_sup` for it. We should
+ just use the peer_control process to manage the subtree.
· GH/jlouis/etorrent_core#8 Fix the problem when completing a torrent:
@@ -20,7 +27,17 @@ TODO:
+· Split off the DHT code after looking a bit at it.
+ It does not look like the DHT code should be part of etorrent directly. Rather,
+ I'd like it to be separate and then take it from there.
+ So, it turns out that we can probably move it out. You need to grab dht_state and
+ dht_net and pick them outside as well as their general supervisor. The dht_tracker
+ code is actually the etorrent-proper parts.
+ But it also means we must redefine the code such that configuration becomes injected
+ rather than asked for. This way, it should be possible to maintain a proper, separate,
+ application which maintains the state of the DHT tables for us inside the application.
· Test single-torrent download of something
This ought to work if we try it out. Let us try with an ubuntu image:
@@ -46,7 +63,6 @@ TODO:
Make etorrent non-dependent on cascadae. We should be able to build a release
entirely without any mention of it. Otherwise we failed decoupling.
· Ranch support, see GH/jlouis/etorrent_core#5
-· Wrong supervisor kills, see GH/jlouis/etorrent_core#7
· Use more canonical t() types.
· Kill renames of types where possible.
I don't like to have to dig for a type. I'd much rather know the exact type

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