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@@ -62,7 +62,8 @@ communicate what values a function expects and returns. Maximizing the
chances of dialyzer finding embarassing bugs is always a good thing.
Function specifications should also be provided for internal functions.
-# Defining records
+# Records
+## Defining records
Fields in record defenitions should be separated by line breaks. All fields
in a record defenitions should include a type specification. Default values
@@ -73,7 +74,7 @@ Ommitting the default values in the defenition and assigning each field a value
when creating a record saves readers from having to go back to the record
defenition to find out what the final result is.
-# Matching on records
+## Matching on records
Fields and variable bindings should be separated by line breaks when a record
is used on the left side of the match operator. If only one or two fields are
@@ -85,7 +86,7 @@ matched a one-liner may be used.
#state{info_hash=InfoHash, remote_pieces=Pieceset} = State,
-# Updating fields in a record
+## Updating fields in a record
The same rules as matches on records apply.
@@ -96,19 +97,25 @@ The same rules as matches on records apply.
NewState = State#state{info_hash=NewInfohash, remote_pieces=NewPieceset},
-# Records in function heads
+## Records in function heads
Matches on records in function heads should be avoided if it's possible.
In the case of gen_server state the first expression should be to unpack
only the values in the state record that are necessary for the clause.
-# When to use records
+## When to use records
A record should be used for all composite data types. For small and short
lived groupings of values, such as returning two values from a function or
gen_server calls use of records is discouraged. Use of other data structures
where a record would have sufficied is discouraged.
+## Including records
+A record defenition should never be shared by two modules. To prevent cases of
+this from slipping through the cracks records should never be defined in header
# Variable names
## Camelcase

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