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9. If you enabled the webui, you can try browsing to its location. By default the location is 'http://localhost:8080'.
+## Troubleshooting
+If the above commands doesn't work, we want to hear about it. This is
+a list of known problems:
+ * General: Many distributions are insane and pack erlang in split
+ packages, so each part of erlang is in its own package. This
+ *always* leads to build problems due to missing stuff. Be sure
+ you have all relevant packages installed. And when you find which
+ packages are needed, please send a patch to this file for the
+ distribution and version so we can keep it up-to-date.
+ * Ubuntu 10.10: Ubuntu has a symlink `/usr/lib/erlang/man ->
+ /usr/share/man`. This is insane and generates problems when
+ building a release (spec errors on missing files if a symlink
+ points to nowhere). The easiest fix is to remove the man symlink
+ from `/usr/lib/erlang`. A way better fix is to install a recent
+ Erlang/OTP yourself and use **Begone(tm)** on the supplied version.
You can either mail them to `` or you

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