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%% @author Jesper Louis Andersen <>
%% @doc Supervise a peer
%% <p>This module represents a peer. It spawns a supervisor, which in
%% turn spawns 3 gen_servers: one for sending, one for receiving and
%% one for control.</p>
%% <p>The supervisor has a very aggressive termination policy. Any
%% error will terminate the peer totally. This is deliberate: we have
%% other peers we could try, so if there is an error with this peer,
%% it shouldn't really try to keep it around. We'll just try another.</p>
%% @end
%% API
%% Supervisor callbacks
-define(SERVER, ?MODULE).
-type ipaddr() :: etorrent_types:ipaddr().
-type portnum() :: etorrent_types:portnum().
-type capabilities() :: etorrent_types:capabilities().
%% ====================================================================
%% @doc Start the peer
%% <p>A peer is fed with quite a lot of data. It gets tracker url, our
%% local `PeerId', it gets the `InfoHash', the Torrents `Id', the pair
%% `{IP, Port}` of the remote peer, what `Capabilities' the peer supports
%% and a `Socket' for communication.</p>
%% <p>From that a supervisor for the peer and accompanying processes
%% are spawned.</p>
%% @end
-spec start_link(string(), binary(), binary(), integer(), {ipaddr(), portnum()},
[capabilities()], port()) ->
{ok, pid()} | ignore | {error, term()}.
start_link(TrackerUrl, LocalPeerId, InfoHash, Id, {IP, Port}, Capabilities, Socket) ->
supervisor:start_link(?MODULE, [TrackerUrl,
{IP, Port},
%% ====================================================================
%% @private
init([TrackerUrl, LocalPeerId, InfoHash, Id, {IP, Port}, Caps, Socket]) ->
Control = {control, {etorrent_peer_control, start_link,
[TrackerUrl, LocalPeerId, InfoHash, Id, {IP, Port},
Caps, Socket]},
permanent, 5000, worker, [etorrent_peer_control]},
Receiver = {receiver, {etorrent_peer_recv, start_link,
[Id, Socket]},
permanent, 5000, worker, [etorrent_peer_recv]},
Sender = {sender, {etorrent_peer_send, start_link,
[Socket, Id, false]},
permanent, 5000, worker, [etorrent_peer_send]},
{ok, {{one_for_all, 0, 1}, [Control, Sender, Receiver]}}.
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