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Major changes:

  • Downgraded cowboy (because bullet);
  • Added cascadae as a dependency (to start it, use cascadae:start() from console);
  • Added console logging for torrents as in Transmission;
  • Fixed common tests, moved into this repository.

What does not work:

  • proper tests (from DHT);
  • mocked eunit-tests (from dotdir).

What was added:

  • bep9 common test;
  • metadata downloader (see etorrent_magnet);
  • etorrent_ext is a wrapper, that hides extended message ids.


  • downloading metadata into a torrent file (using etorrent_dotdir as a place to save this file?), starting the file.


  • Install transmission-cli, opentracker.
  • Run ./
arcusfelis added some commits Feb 10, 2013
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Delete lhttpc completely. 9a6b888
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Start developing magnet-links support (BEP-9)..
Add etorrent_bcoding2.
First succesful extracting of metadata from DHT nodes.
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Add etorrent_ext. 17d775c
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Add etorrent_ext_ut_metadata. c680a3f
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Fix a race condition (in assignor switching) and a full basket of tin…
…y bugs.
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Add information about the reached_max_restart_intensity error. ca7a074
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Add cascadae, downgrade cowboy, add types back to etorrent_dht_net (t…
…ests are still failing with missing_type error).
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Fix crashing of the endgame assignor in the moment, when engame mode …
…is activated ({stored,...} message from peers that completed assignment from the previous mode.
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Fix endgame mode. d6fcf5d
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Moved common tests from etorrent application. Add etorrent_console - …
…torrent progress logger.
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Add speed info into etorrent_console. d620247
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Add an initial code for BEP-9 common test. cda58ee
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Add listen_ip() as an optional parameter. fad124d
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Improve logging. b4e2b92
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Fix a bug in etorrent_dotdir:info_hash_to_hex/1. ff34efe
@arcusfelis arcusfelis BEP-9 meta_info transmitting is passed correctly. 71de627
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Improve the test for bep9. aa9f3d6
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Fixed badrpc. 24c3f3e
@arcusfelis arcusfelis Fixed dht_iter_search. Improved logging and fixed common tests. Passe…
…d all 4 common tests.

Why a new module here?

Because BEP-9 has a construction like this:

etorrent_bcoding:decode/1 throws this tail away.

@jlouis jlouis merged commit b1e8331 into jlouis:master Feb 17, 2013
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