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LLVM backend for moscow ML
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Project Ex-SML

What is this?

This is a fork of Moscow ML 2.01 onto which it is the plan to add a backend for the LLVM system and then extend Standard ML with some new ideas.

Jesper Louis Andersen - 2008,2009.

Current status

Currently, we are pretty far from a working system. We have chosen to implement a representation of the LLVM ASCII assembler format for SML. This is the most ML-idiomatic way to work with LLVM I think, though it a different path than the OCaml bindings for LLVM.

We still need a compilation from the internal Lambda IR to LLVM and probably a closure conversion phase as well. After that we need to build glue.


Use UNIX tools all the way. We want a pipeline of commands, not some big buildsystem built into the REPL. Use Autotools. Prefer sh(1) for scripting and Python if it is more expensive.

  • Handle the win32 implementation separately.
  • Kill old Macintosh code.
  • Kill old MSDOS code.
  • Kill the Threaded/Direct Jump compiler.

Original readme:

This is file README for Moscow ML 2.00 for Linux/Unix (June 2000)


The current version 2.00 of Moscow ML

  • implements the full Standard ML language, as revised 1997, including Modules and some extensions
  • yet is backwards compatible with versions prior to 2.00
  • implements large parts of the new SML Basis Library
  • implements separate compilation
  • can produce compact stand-alone executables (a la Caml Light)
  • supports quotations and antiquotations, useful for metaprogramming
  • supports dynamic linking of external functions under Linux (x86 and Alpha), FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, Digital Unix, HP-UX, MacOS, and MS Windows'95/98/NT

New in version 2.00 of Moscow ML

  • The full SML Modules language (structures, signatures, and functors) is now supported, thanks to Claudio Russo. Also, several extensions to the SML Modules language are provided:
    • higher-order functors: functors may be defined within structures and functors
    • first-class modules: structures and functors may be packed and then handled as Core language values, which may then be unpacked as structures or functors again
    • recursive modules: signatures and structures may be recursively defined
  • Value polymorphism has become friendlier: non-generalizable free type variables are left free, and become instantiated (once only) when the bound variable is used
  • Added facilities for creating and communicating with subprocesses (structure Unix and Signal from SML Basis Library).
  • Added facilities for efficient functional generation of HTML code (structure Msp); also supports the writing of ML Server Page scripts.
  • Added facilities setting and accessing `cookies' in CGI scripts (structure Mosmlcookie), thanks to Hans Molin, Uppsala, Sweden.
  • The Gdimage structure now produces PNG images (using Thomas Boutell's gd library).


Compilation under Unix is best done using GNU make, gcc, and Perl. A binary installation requires 5 MB disk space; a source installation requires 25 MB disk space.


Documentation files:

  • install.txt : Installation instructions for Linux
  • README : This file
  • doc/manual.pdf : User manual (PDF format)
  • doc/mosmlref.pdf : A compact guide to Moscow ML syntax and primitives
  • doc/mosmllib.pdf : Moscow ML library documentation with an index
  • doc/mosmllib/*.html : Moscow ML library documentation in HTML format


  • bootstrap : Bytecode to bootstrap the compiler

Source files:

  • compiler : The compiler
  • runtime : The C-based caml-light runtime
  • mosmlyac : The ML yacc compiler
  • mosmllib : The standard library
  • smllib_* : Dynamically loadable libraries
  • regression : The regression framework, imported from MLton
  • scripts : Shell scripts working as compiler drivers
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