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@@ -14,13 +14,13 @@ \chapter{Full JANUS}
introduced with notation $\rho |=_{loop} \angel{\sigma, (e_1, s_1,
s_2, e_2)} -> \sigma'$. This states the evaluation of the loop
identified by the quadruple $(e_1, s_1, s_2, e_2)$ under the function
-definition $\rho$ and the store $\sigma$ will yield an updated store
+environment $\rho$ and the store $\sigma$ will yield an updated store
We then alter the judgement rules of statements by the following
looping rule:
- \inference[Loop]{\sigma |- e_1 => k \quad k \neq 0 \\
+ \inference[Loop]{\sigma |- e_1 => \lift{k} \quad k \neq 0 \\
\rho |= \angel{\sigma, s_1} -> \sigma'' \quad \rho
|=_{loop} \angel{\sigma'', (e_1, s_1, s_2, e_2)} -> \sigma'}
{\rho |= \angel{\sigma, \<from> e \<do> s \<loop> s \<until> e} -> \sigma'}
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ \chapter{Full JANUS}
\cite{yokoyama.axelsen.ea:principles}. The first one exits the loop
then the ``until'' part evaluates to true:
- \inference[LpT]{\sigma |- e_2 => k \quad k \neq 0}
+ \inference[LpT]{\sigma |- e_2 => \lift{k} \quad k \neq 0}
{\rho |=_{loop} \angel{\sigma, (e_1, s_1, s_2, e_2)} -> \sigma}
Finally, if the ``until'' part evaluates to false, we take another
@@ -316,7 +316,7 @@ \section{Determinism properties of \januso{}}
\januso{} is backward deterministic, ie:
\forall \sigma, \sigma', \sigma'' \in \Sigma, s \in Stm \colon
- \rho |= \angel{\sigma', s} -> \sigma \implies \rho |= \angel{\sigma'', s} -> \sigma \implies \sigma' = \sigma''
+ \rho |= \angel{\sigma', s} -> \sigma => \rho |= \angel{\sigma'', s} -> \sigma => \sigma' = \sigma''
@@ -327,8 +327,8 @@ \section{Inversion and its properties}
Inverting \januso{} works exactly like inverting \janusz{}. We only
need to add a couple of new rules for $\<call>$ and $\<uncall>$ and
-the $\hat{=}$ operation. The two call types are each others inverses
-and the $\<xor>$ operation is self inverse:
+the $\hat{=}$ operation. The $\<call>$ and $\<uncall>$ statements are
+each others inverses and the $\<xor>$ operation is self inverse:
\mathcal{I}(x \;\hat{=}\; e)& = x \;\hat{=}\; e\\
\mathcal{I}(\<call> p)& = \<uncall> p\\
@@ -345,7 +345,10 @@ \section{Inversion and its properties}
\rho |= \angel{\sigma, s} -> \sigma' \iff \rho |= \angel{\sigma', \mathcal{I}(s)} -> \sigma
+ By \coq{}. The proof can be completed by straightforward extension of the
+ same proof for \janusz{}.
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