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Cite Landauers original paper.

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-@String{j-IBM-JRD = "IBM Journal of Research and Development"}
+@STRING{j-ibm-jrd="IBM Journal of Research and Development" }
@TechReport{ andersen:beregnelighed,
author = {Jesper Louis Andersen},
@@ -213,6 +212,35 @@ @Book{ jensen:klassisk
precise accout. It also covers Galois-tunnels}
+@Article{ landauer:irreversibility,
+ abstract = {It is argued that computing machines inevitably involve
+ devices which perform logical functions that do not have a
+ single-valued inverse. This logical irreversibility is
+ associated with physical irreversibility and requires a
+ minimal heat generation, per machine cycle, typically of
+ the order of kT for each irreversible function. This
+ dissipation serves the purpose of standardizing signals and
+ making them independent of their exact logical history. Two
+ simple, but representative, models of bistable devices are
+ subjected to a more detailed analysis of switching kinetics
+ to yield the relationship between speed and energy
+ dissipation, and to estimate the effects of errors induced
+ by thermal fluctuations.},
+ author = {Landauer, R. },
+ citeulike-article-id={2598931},
+ journal = {IBM Journal of Research and Development},
+ keywords = {information\_theory, maxwell\_daemon, thermodynamics},
+ pages = {183--191},
+ posted-at = {2008-03-26 15:23:10},
+ priority = {2},
+ title = {Irreversibility and heat generation in the computing
+ process},
+ url = {}
+ ,
+ volume = {5},
+ year = {1961}
@Article{ leroy.blazy:formal,
author = {Xavier Leroy and Sandrine Blazy},
title = {Formal verification of a {C}-like memory model and its
10 report/intro.tex
@@ -6,11 +6,11 @@ \chapter{Introduction}
the program executes. This makes reversible programming a venue for
programming CPUs which are fully adiabatic. Such CPUs CMOS technology
will, at least in theory, generate less heat when executing
-\fixme{cite}. In this project we study one such reversible programming
-language called JANUS. This has been done before, but we add the twist
-of formalizing the language in a machine-verifiable form. We thus
-construct a bridge between reversibility research and mechanical
-theorem proving.
+\cite{landauer:irreversibility}. In this project we study one such
+reversible programming language called JANUS. This has been done
+before, but we add the twist of formalizing the language in a
+machine-verifiable form. We thus construct a bridge between
+reversibility research and mechanical theorem proving.
The JANUS programming language were conceived as a student project in
1982 at Caltech by Chris Lutz and Howard Derby. It was first later

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