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Plan 9 from User space configuration

This repository contains some configuration I did for Plan9 from user space. A quick list of what is in here is:

  • The gg command, which is a shorthand git grep -n helper for use with acme
  • The a+ and a- commands which does indentation.
  • The nocr command which kills CR
  • The q command which quotes a selection
  • The acme-start.rc helper for spawning acme
  • The erlfmt command which nicely formats Erlang terms (Produces UTF-8 output)

Furthermore plumbing rules for:

  • Ocaml - I did some ocaml work so it is nice to be able to jump to error messages when they occur in your codes.

Other setup things

I make use of some Go packages:

go get
go get
go get

# This one is bound to move soon
go get

These are quite important for the correct operation. E2 is a better version of the E command. Watch can watch a subdirectory for file changes. The jfmt command can reformat JSON data. And acmego uses the (new) 'log' feature of acme to make sure things are formatted nicely when working with go code.

I add the following to my .profile:

# Plumb files instead of starting new editor.

This sets up the editor to be the E command. It checks every second if the file has a change according to ls -l and lets you use acme as the editor when editing stuff. I use that a lot with git(1) so commits can be kept inside acme.

# Get rid of backspace characters in Unix man output.

I kill less as a default pager. This allows me to just scroll in the acme window rather than ending up with a mess. nobs removes certain control characters so the formatting is better.