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Plan 9 from User space configuration

This repository contains some configuration I did for Plan9 from user space. A quick list of what is in here is:

  • The gg command, which is a shorthand git grep -n helper for use with acme
  • The a+ and a- commands which does indentation.
  • The nocr command which kills CR
  • The q command which quotes a selection
  • The acme-start.rc helper for spawning acme
  • The erlfmt command which nicely formats Erlang terms (Produces UTF-8 output)

Furthermore plumbing rules for:

  • Ocaml - I did some ocaml work so it is nice to be able to jump to error messages when they occur in your codes.

Other setup things

I add the following to my .profile:

# Plumb files instead of starting new editor.

This sets up the editor to be the E command. It checks every second if the file has a change according to ls -l and lets you use acme as the editor when editing stuff. I use that a lot with git(1) so commits can be kept inside acme.

# Get rid of backspace characters in Unix man output.

I kill less as a default pager. This allows me to just scroll in the acme window rather than ending up with a mess. nobs removes certain control characters so the formatting is better.

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