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The QC model manifesto

This manifesto defines the rules for this project. Loosely inspired by the 'Dogme 95' manifesto,


  • You may only write code when you know how to write a test case for the code.
  • A test case is a QC model. If you don't know how to model it, you have no test case. You need a property. However, you are allowed to use any property. Also very simple ones.
  • Unit tests are banished from the project
  • The dogfooding principle: there must be a user of code and a need for a given feature before it is written. The code must be used somewhere. If not, the code will be removed from the repository.
  • Discussions about tabs, spaces and indentation are only allowed when all other important discussions are solved. These include, code design, API design, implementation, tests and so on.