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Scratch pad for the safety-valve project:
TODO list:
→ Run a series of tests on the code base where we substitute the current queue model
with a new one.
OK Fix a thing about timestamps in the model: Enqueueing advances time as well.
If we don't implement this, we break the specification.
· Run a tab-fix run over all files, so the tab-stop becomes more correct
· Introduce timeouts on the queues.
Timeout is run when replenishing tokens. This requires a change to the model first,
where we should calculate, with respect to the current timepoint, what should expire
and then run a filter on the "queue".
It is especially important to check this when we are running on the new sv_table_ets implementation.
· Add support for LIFO queues as well.
· First, change the model so we can run tests in LIFO order.
· Then change the code so we can run LIFO
· Import the Queue test code from Jobs. The verify queue ordering, it is probably
easier to just steal the code from jobs and use that code for testing. I already wrote
it there, so it should be fairly easy to import and use.
· Handle overload regulation:
· Lukas Larsson's hint from Ericsson.
· Ulf Wiger's points from `jobs' needs to be considered here as well.
OK Fix an error in sv_table_ets:out/1