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Commits on Dec 25, 2012
@jlouis Extract dropped packets from FQ-codel. f1a275b
@jlouis Introduce code to run the CoDel queue base.
This eqc test will just run the queue aggressively in order to test that
it really works like it was intended for it to work. This makes sure there
are no ways by which we can force the queue to crash.

In other words, we just proved a termination property.
@jlouis Introduce a TODO list. dc3d70b
@jlouis New Property: empty_q_no_drop. cf96286
@jlouis New rule.
If a queue is empty, then first_above_time is set to 0.
@jlouis Generalize test model more and enable correct dequeueing.
Begin adding more properties in there for the CoDel code.
@jlouis Documentation. cf95321
@jlouis Bump time advancement. 6d7fbcf
@jlouis Generalize over target and interval. e262967
@jlouis Classify observations. 0956e0d
@jlouis Reset frequencies to something a bit more standard. e0e1add
@jlouis Start a bit higher up in time. 0 is a kind of special case. f99960e
@jlouis Add a USING document. 647a73b
@jlouis Fix a documentation bug found by @nox (Anthony Ramine) 40056b9
@jlouis More documentation notes. c441bab
@jlouis Simplify dodequeue by splitting into two functions. d49aa85
@jlouis New CoDel implementation. The old one had trouble. 35ac54e
@jlouis Reflect API changes in the code base. 6ba0b0c
@jlouis Add a new class for when dropping starts. 977942b
@jlouis Document the CoDel classifier. 1b11c71
@jlouis Bump TODO. 10fc9ef
@jlouis Fix EQC test so it runs. f1cb8fd
@jlouis Improve packet code. 25505ea
@jlouis Improve model generation.
Define a better way to SHRINK the model upon encountering an error.
@jlouis Integrate CoDel support. 288f32b
@jlouis Bump version yet again. 1ccdac5
@jlouis Update TODO list. f40cc99
@jlouis Interesting paper to read from Fred Hebert. 378a72a
@jlouis Modularize the queue type. 675d1bb
@jlouis Bump version. dc198a9
@jlouis Document `sv_codel`. b7b26c8
@jlouis Add tracing routines. 282bcba
@jlouis Enable Trace measurements in tests. bf74541
@jlouis Carry out a benchmark. b398de6
Commits on Dec 26, 2012
@jlouis Fix EQC model so it works again. 61704eb
@jlouis Clean up after having run CoDel test cases.
Otherwise, we run out of ETS tables pretty quickly!
Commits on Dec 28, 2012
@jlouis Benchmarks and analysis through web servers. 21df1bb
@jlouis Add optional parameters to CoDel. 70e15bc
@jlouis Bump to version 2.2.0. 2ca5f14
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