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sudo apt-get install -y emacs python-dev python-setuptools build-essential erlang-nox libevent-dev git golang mercurial default-jdk ruby rubygems haskell-platform
sudo easy_install ws4py gevent
git clone git:// wsdemo
sudo cp wsdemo/etc/sysctl.conf /etc/
sudo sysctl -p
mkdir src
pushd src
curl | tar xz
pushd node-v0.7.11
./configure && make && sudo make install
npm install websocket
npm install ws
sudo go get
sudo gem install em-websocket
sudo cabal update
sudo cabal install snap-server snap-core websockets websockets-snap
sudo apt-get install -y libadns1-dev
echo -e "y\ny\no conf prerequisites_policy follow\no conf commit" | sudo cpan
sudo cpan Protocol::WebSocket
sudo cpan EV::ADNS
yes | sudo cpan IO::Stream
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