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A Cowboy Websocket demo

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A Cowboy Websocket demo

This demo is intended to follow along with the Million-user Comet Application



./rebar get-deps compile

Follow the "Tuning the Linux Kernel for many tcp connections" instructions in Part One of the Million-user Comet Application to increase your available connection counts.

Start the server:

  sudo bash
  ulimit -n 999999
  erl -pa ebin deps/*/ebin -s wsdemo

Start floodtest:

  sudo bash
  ulimit -n 999999
  ./runtest results/erlang.bin 300 10000

Compile the results:

 ./compile_stats results/erlang.bin

I am planning on rerunning these benchmarks with the new stats collecting code using 64bit m1.large instances. The previous results are still available

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