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💥 Developer Titles

['fictional', 'awesome', 'random', 'funny', 'obsolete'] developer titles

Developer Titles - Awesome developer titles for bios, descriptions and statuses | Product Hunt Embed

📜 About

After years viewing crazy job and developer titles on social media, I've decided to merge them in a single website.

💎 Stack

This site is create using Vanilla JS (ES6) and PostCSS, with Webpack. It uses GitHub Pages.

I like to use yarn as the package manager, but feel free to use wether you want (npm || yarn).

Oh but why not creating it with React or Vue?

Because I didn't want to 😄

📝 Contributing

If you want to add some titles, follow the steps below:

  • Fork the repo
  • Create a new branch
  • Do the work
  • Fill a PR, assign it to you and, if possible, write a cool description
  • Wait for the review

After that, if your request doesn't offend anyone, your title will be able to be part of the great array.

Don't be afraid to fill some issues, if you want! ❤️

For the colors, I like to use colorion.

If you're only looking for the titles, here they are. 🚀

💻 Developing

After forking and cloning the project in your local environment, run the following commands:

# install dependencies
# or npm i

# run the project at localhost:8000
yarn start
# or npm start

To add a new title, go to src/data/titles.json and add a new title object to the array. It's important the title to have, at least, the name key - because if the title hasn't a name, then it shouldn't be here; background, color and credits keys are optional.

Here's how a new title object should look:

  "name": "Your title name",
  "background": "Your title hex background",
  "color": "Your title hex background",
  "credits": {
    "name": "Who you want to credit (name, nick or slug)",
    "url": "The person's profile URL (linkedin, github...)"

⚠️ Disclaimer

The goal here is to have fun. Don't use it to be a jerk on other people's work/job!

💥 Inspiration and Related Work

When I was creating this site, I faced some related content on the internet. Like:

🔐 License

Licensed under the MIT.

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