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Access mapped portions of bytes as int variables
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Access mapped portions of bytes as int variables

A library to simplify mapping sub-byte portions of structures to/from int values, allowing every interaction to be done using int rather than char-sized values. This module should help simplify working with binary data, e.g. when parsing binary data ( parseFixed module ), or working with memory-mapped files ( [memfiles module] ( )

Each portion of a byte is represented by an int value that is mapped to/from the portion of the byte.

The mapping of bits within the byte is specified by a mask value, along with specifying the offset of the byte from the Base pointer to a data structure.

Exception [OverflowError] is raised if trying to set a mapping to a value greater than can be represented by the number of mapped bits.

Note: this module does NOT provide assistance for mapping bits across the byte boundary, only for mapping within a single byte.


 #=======  =======   ======================
 #         bits:     7  6  5  4  3  2  1  0   
 #-------  -------   ----------------------
 #word 0:  byte 0:   y  y  y  y  x  x  w  w
 #         byte 1:   z  z  z  z  z  z  a  a
 #word 1:  byte 2:   b  c  c  c  c  c  c  d
 #         byte 3:   e  e  f  f  f  g  g  g
 #=======  =======   ======================

   val: int = 0x5aa5
   y = BitMap(Mask47, 0)   # byte 0  (Mask47 does the mapping to bits 7..4)
   x = BitMap(Mask23, 0)
   w = BitMap(Mask01, 0)
   a = BitMap(Mask01, 1)   # byte 1
   z = BitMap(Mask27, 1)
   b = BitMap(Mask7,  2)   # byte 2  (Mask7 maps a SINGLE BIT, bit 7)
   c = BitMap(Mask36, 2)
   d = BitMap(Mask0,  2)
   e = BitMap(Mask67, 3)   # byte 3
   f = BitMap(Mask35, 3)
   g = BitMap(Mask02, 3)
 # Now just set/get integer values using variables y,x,w,....
 echo "x is: ",x.toHex
 #y.set(200)    this raises an exception

Note: y (using Mask47) specifies 4 bits are mapped to variable y, so setting y to an int value greater than 15 (0xf) raises an [OverflowError] exception

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