An example of spring rest docs using groovy, spring boot, and spock.
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Groovy Spring Boot RESTdocs Example Build Status

This project is an example of a groovy spring boot app with Spring RESTdocs added to the spock tests for the talk A Test-Driven Approach to Documenting RESTful APIs with Spring REST Docs as presented by Jennifer Strater.

The published docs from the example are available here.

Upcoming Presentations

You can see this talk at any of the following events:

Venue Date City
Groovy Users of Minnesota Feb 9, 2016 Minneapolis, MN, USA
Object Partners March 18, 2016 Minneapolis, MN, USA
Twin Cities Code Camp April 16, 2016 Minneapolis, MN, USA
Gr8Conf EU June 2-3, 2016 Copenhagen, Denmark
Gr8Conf US July 28, 2016 Minneapolis, MN, USA
JFokus Feb 8, 2017 Stockholm, Sweden
Greach March 31, 2017 Madrid, Spain
Code Europe April 26, 2017 Kraków, Pl
API Conference DE September 20, 2017 Berlin, DE
Spring One Platform December 7, 2017 San Francisco, CA, USA
Warsaw JUG June 26, 2018 Warsaw, Poland

Slides for previous presentations are available below:

You can build and run this sample using Gradle:

$ gradle build bootRun

Or the Gradle Wrapper:

$ ./gradlew build bootRun

Then access the app via a browser (or curl) on http://localhost:8080/html5/index.html to see the docs.

** It is very important to note that the project must be built before trying to run the project. Otherwise, the docs will not show up! **

**** As of December 2017/SpringOnePlatform MongoDB is a dependency to run this project. ****