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Update to Patrick McKenzie's code which fixes numerous errors for Rails3 - being used in production.

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Fork of the A/Bingo split testing framework

Forked with permission from Patrick McKenzie by Andy Atkinson January 2011

Goals of this fork:

  • Rails 3 only
  • Solid testing suite
  • HTML/CSS design for Abingo Experiments Dashboard out of the box

For project documentation, please refer to the project website:

WARNING: This fork works with Rails 3 only, do not attempt to install this plugin on a Rails 2.x project.


  • rails plugin install

Post-install instructions

  • rails g should show available custom generators abingo_migration and abingo_dashboard_stylesheet. Run each of the generators.
    • rails g abingo_migration
    • rails g abingo_dashboard_stylesheet
  • Include the abingo_dashboard stylesheet in the layout you're using for the dashboard. e.g. <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'abingo_dashboard' %>
  • Run the migration, start the server and navigate to the dashboard. For instructions on setting those things up, see the main original project documentation.


  • Running rails plugin remove abingo should remove the generated stylesheet file and describe how the generated migration may be reverted manually.
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