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networks: support more specific 'remote' permissions by target networ…

…k, service, and command

Closes #457.
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jlu5 committed Aug 7, 2017
1 parent 6e0145c commit f3acb3c21d871c1c1c3de2553dd5d84de95d0127
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@@ -64,11 +64,22 @@ def remote(irc, source, args):
Runs <command> on the remote network <network>. Plugin responses sent using irc.reply() are
supported and returned here, but others are dropped due to protocol limitations."""
permissions.check_permissions(irc, source, ['networks.remote'])
args = remote_parser.parse_args(args)
netname =
permissions.check_permissions(irc, source, [
# Quite a few permissions are allowed. 'networks.remote' is the global permission,
# networks.remote.<network> allows running any command on a specific network,
'networks.remote.%s' % netname,
# networks.remote.<network>.<service> allows running any command on the given service on a
# specific network,
'networks.remote.%s.%s' % (netname, args.service),
# and networks.remote.<network>.<service>.<command> narrows this further into which command
# can be used.
'networks.remote.%s.%s.%s' % (netname, args.service, args.command[0])
# XXX: things like 'remote network1 remote network2 echo hi' will crash PyLink if the source network is network1...
if REMOTE_IN_USE.is_set():

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