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Population Synthesis for Compact-object Lensing Events


galaxia PopSyCLE requires a custom version of galaxia in order to support user selected galaxy models. Please follow the installation instructions found at our galaxia GitHub repo:



To install PopSyCLE, clone the GitHub repository and add the repository's path to your PYTHONPATH. For example:

git clone
echo "export PYTHONPATH=$PWD/PopSyCLE:$PYTHONPATH" >> ~/.bashrc

Running PopSyCLE

An example of implementing PopSyCLE can be found in our example notebook.

Running the PopSyCLE Pipeline

An example of running the PopSyCLE pipline from the command line be found in our example notebook.

Running the PopSyCLE Pipeline on a Slurm Scheduler

An example of running the PopSyCLE pipline on a compute cluster with a slurm scheduler can be found in our example notebook.


This project is Copyright (c) Casey Lam and Jessica Lu and licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL v3+ license. This package is based upon the Astropy package template which is licensed under the BSD 3-clause licence. See the licenses folder for more information.


We love contributions! PopSyCLE is open source, built on open source, and we'd love to have you hang out in our community.

Check out all of PopSyCLE's contributors!.

Imposter syndrome disclaimer: We want your help. No, really.

There may be a little voice inside your head that is telling you that you're not ready to be an open source contributor; that your skills aren't nearly good enough to contribute. What could you possibly offer a project like this one?

We assure you - the little voice in your head is wrong. If you can write code at all, you can contribute code to open source. Contributing to open source projects is a fantastic way to advance one's coding skills. Writing perfect code isn't the measure of a good developer (that would disqualify all of us!); it's trying to create something, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes. That's how we all improve, and we are happy to help others learn.

Being an open source contributor doesn't just mean writing code, either. You can help out by writing documentation, tests, or even giving feedback about the project (and yes - that includes giving feedback about the contribution process). Some of these contributions may be the most valuable to the project as a whole, because you're coming to the project with fresh eyes, so you can see the errors and assumptions that seasoned contributors have glossed over.

Note: This disclaimer was originally written by Adrienne Lowe for a PyCon talk, and was adapted by popsycle based on its use in the README file for the MetPy project.

We have outlined the process for developing new features, located at docs/Documentation__PopSyCLE_Development.pdf.