Fork to add fully flexible filepaths and forms for AJAX uploading.
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A generic attachment framework for Django.

This is a branch from the original Chicago Django user group project. The following changes have been made:

  • 'attachments' module assumed to be directly in PYTHONPATH instead of django.apps.attachments
  • title and summary not required by the model
  • enabled i18n of model and model field names
  • added Finnish translation

From the django-attachments Google Code page:

This is the first project by Chicago's Django user group.

We use Google Code for issue tracking; please see GitHub for our source code.

The mailing list is hosted in Google Groups.

Bob Haugen writes in the announcement:

Incubated in my current cohousing project. You can see the code here.

Basically works. If you want to check out the whole project, you will find that you can attach files to Circles (orgs of OrgType Circle), Meetings and Households (OrgType Household).

But you might have better luck just checking out the attachments app.


Also from the announcement (by Bob Haugen):

What you need to do to attach files to you domain objects:

In, add "attachments" to INSTALLED_APPS

In your template, add:

{% load attachment_inclusion_tag %}

and then at the appropriate place:

{% attachments your_domain_object %}

Let me know if you run into any problems.