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A Chrome Extension inspired by Fuzzy Wobble's GIF Dance Party
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A Chrome Extension inspired by

Start the party at the Chrome Web Store:

Turn even the most intolerable websites into an animated rave

Fan of Fuzzy Wobble's original dance party? Well, now is your chance to take the party to any website of your choice! Expanding your professional network on LinkedIn can be a chore sometimes, but you will only have a better experience if you further bloat their UI with Katy Perry's Left Shark or an overweight Spiderman getting down to Hotline Bling. Just install the GIF Dance Party Chrome Extension, and click on the disco ball to the right of Chrome's address bar to get the party started!

Customize your party

Although this Chrome Extension already comes with an army of GIF dancers and a bumpin' set of audio loops, you probably have some awesome GIF dancers or songs in mind that we aren't aware of. You can toss those dancers or songs into the bunch when this Chrome Extension is running to make your party even better. Just pop open the ADD DANCER or SELECT SONG menu and paste in the corresponding URL.

Share your party!

No party is fun by yourself! We encourage you to record or take screenshots of your GIF Dance Party and send them to your friends! Heck -- you can even encourage them to install the extension as well. If you can't seem to share it enough, then send it over to since we'd love to see it too!

Make the party better

If you have ideas on how to make the party better, feel free to create a pull request or send your feedback to We also might be updating the Chrome Extension with more GIF dancers and music. If you think that you've found the perfect media for this Chrome Extension, then we might push it out!

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