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AWS EC2 server files backup mainly - Development. Testbed for new & experimental features. - Production. Typically taken from the latest version of the master branch.

setup instructions for the novice ubuntu server admin

git clone        /* clone this repository to your server */
cd EC2-facer                                            /* change directory to cloned repository */
npm install                                             /* install the dependencies facer requires */
git submodule --init --recursive                        /* download submodules */
nodejs facer.js <PORT>                                  /* run, then open browser at the specified port,
                                                         * at your server's IP, or DNS */

if you want the server to automatically restart on changes

npm install -g forever                                  /* install source file watch module */
./ <PORT> [true|false]                          /* start launch script; optionally set debug mode
                                                         * to either true or false */

And if you're missing any of the commands above, simply...

sudo apt-get <package>

Hopefully this can give you a head start on starting your own web server!

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