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Improve wording in README.

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@@ -41,10 +41,10 @@ has_attachment(options = {})
# This option need only be included if you want thumbnailing.
:thumbnail_class # Set which model class to use for thumbnails.
# This current attachment class is used by default.
- :path_prefix # path to store the uploaded files.
+ :path_prefix # Path to store the uploaded files in.
# Uses public/#{table_name} by default for the filesystem, and just #{table_name} for the S3 backend.
# Setting this sets the :storage to :file_system.
- :partition # Partiton files in directories like /0000/0001/image.jpg. Default is true.
+ :partition # Whether to partiton files in directories like /0000/0001/image.jpg. Default is true. Only applicable to the :file_system backend.
:storage # Specifies the storage system to use..
# Defaults to :db_file. Options are :file_system, :db_file, and :s3.
:processor # Sets the image processor to use for resizing of the attached image.

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