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code be code.
## Designer-friendly Views
-Views are 100% HTML, no template language required. The view has finally been
-freed from logic.
+In Pakyow, views are purely structural and contain no logic, keeping the view
+focused on it's job of presentation. No special markup is required in the
+view. This means the designer can build the presentation layer for an app in
+their own environment.
## Sturdy Prototypes
-A view knows what it presents. Use this to create powerful connections between
-business logic and views.
+View construction happens automatically, which means a working, navigable
+front-end can be created without any back-end code. Business logic is added
+later without any changes to the front-end, eliminating resistance and
+keeping development moving forward.
## Intelligent Connections
-Prototype an app by building the views first. Then write the view logic
-without changing a single view.
+Data awareness is built into views, meaning a view knows what it presents.
+Data is bound in from the back-end without requiring a single change to the
+view. Roles and responsibilities remain clear throughout the development process.
Pakyow consists of two gems: pakyow-core and pakyow-presenter. Core handles
routing requests to an app's business logic. Presenter gives an app the

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