A library of neat Rails application templates.
Latest commit 10f5bc2 Feb 6, 2009 Mark Daggett committed with adding some helpful JS hooks into the application.fbml.erb
Signed-off-by: Jeremy McAnally <jeremymcanally@gmail.com>


Rails Application Template Library

A library of Rails application templates from the community.

Current library

  • entp by Jeremy McAnally
  • bort by Jeremy McAnally, improved by Pratik Naik (based on bort template by Jim Neath)
  • daring by Peter Cooper
  • suspenders by Nathan Esquenazi (based on Suspenders template by Thoughtbot)
  • newgit by Joao Vitor
  • facebook by Mark Daggett
  • sethbc by Seth Chandler
  • google_app_engine by David Calavera