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Commits on Feb 18, 2011
  1. renamed README to rdoc

    lakshmanan committed with
  2. Lambda parsing validation added

    Peer Allan committed with
  3. Additional tests for failing situations

    Peer Allan committed with
  4. Added .all and .first support with tests

    Peer Allan committed with
  5. Restructured ArelConverter so we don't need a ParseTree call

    Peer Allan committed with
  6. Improved the AR finder converter to not use as many regexes

    Peer Allan committed with
  7. Appending the first or all to the Arel chain was a bad idea

    Peer Allan committed with
  8. Moved converters into their own filw, added a AR converter

    Peer Allan committed with
  9. Intial named_scope -> scope converter recommendations task

    Peer Allan committed with
  10. Fixed gsub of the grep lines to show results if the first line is a c…

    Peer Allan committed with
  11. correctly greping for depreciated ERb block helpers

    Zac Williams committed with
  12. @AaronH

    Fix potential for double path on grep. Fixed broken generators check.…

    AaronH committed with
    … Better regex to check for commented out lines when grep returns path name first
  13. Fixed syntax for previous test I created; added before_validation_on_…

    Josh Delsman committed with
    …* deprecation check
  14. Added check for validate_on_create and validate_on_update, which have…

    Josh Delsman committed with
    … both been removed in Rails 3
  15. @pcg79
  16. @ncook

    Second fix to route upgrade bug for :requirements Regexp conversion. …

    ncook committed with
    …Also handles string values, adds additional test and tests pass.
  17. @pcg79
  18. @mraidel
  19. @gmoeck

    add ajax helpers to be removed

    gmoeck committed with
  20. Add more files to backup task

  21. @josevalim
Commits on Apr 1, 2010
Commits on Mar 31, 2010
  1. Add more checks for beta that's dropping soon: check for old ERb call…

    …s with block helpers and check for old session/cookie settings
Commits on Feb 6, 2010
  1. @jstorimer

    Underscore the app_name before classifying it.

    jstorimer committed with
    Fixes invalid constant if your app name has a dash in it.
    'rails-upgrade'.classify # => Rails-upgrade
    'rails-upgrade'.underscore.classify # => RailsUpgrade
  2. Merge in ability to ignore comments

  3. @jstorimer
  4. @jcf

    ApplicationChecker compatibility and bug fix

    jcf committed with
     - Ruby 1.8 returns method names as strings whereas 1.9 returns symbols
       so remove both within run method.
     - Wrap culprits in Array to ensure we can enumerate over them.
  5. @jackdempsey
  6. @jackdempsey
  7. @filiptepper

    grep skips .svn directories

    filiptepper committed with
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